Indoor Air Quality

Are You Experiencing Chapped Lips? How About Bloody Noses? Are Your Allergies Getting You Down?

We May Have a Solution for You!

If you add up the number of hours you spend sleeping, working, and living indoors, you’ll probably find that you spend about 90% of your time inside. Most of us do, which is why indoor air quality is one of the more critical influences in our lives when it comes to our health.

Choosing the right products for your home to help control and protect you from those indoor air pollutants is the key to maintaining a healthy indoor environment for you and your family.


Having a Lifebreath humidifier reduces the dryness you feel in your home in the fall and winter months and can help maintain optimal conditions to prevent illness from affecting you and your family.

HEPA Air Cleaners

Did you know that the air we breathe in our home can be X times more dirty than what’s outside? Dust mites, allergens, pet dander, smoke can all have negative impacts on your family’s health. HEPA air cleaning products can help to reduce contaminants in the air by 99.97 per cent.

Flow-Thru Humidifier

Part #: 99-Flothru

  • Suits any forced warm air heating system
  • Unique electronically pulsed feature; reduces water consumption by up to 80%
  • Left/right side flexible duct installation; mounts on supply or return duct


Electronic controller pulses solenoid water supply valve for 4 sec ON and 30 sec OFF allowing evaporator pad to be fully saturated while reducing water waste.


Revolutionizing home air cleaning, combining two particle capture technologies to ensure clean, healthy air throughout your home. It allows air to circulate freely without putting any extra load on your air distribution system. The TFP removes 99.97% of health-threatening particles from the air in your home.

Residential Ventilation HRV’s – MAX Series

HRVs are the only five speed ventilation units available. The MAX Series most popular with consumers and builders alike for both new and retrofit construction. Plus, MAX Series products include a digital wall control at no extra charge.

205 MAX

Air quality and energy performance at its best. Highest efficiency single core HRV on the market.

195 ECM

Dual core system combined with an ECM motor for maximum heat recovery and energy efficiency.